Lets Choose Happiness

Welcome to Lets Choose Happiness! Boy, do I know how hard it can be at times to be happy especially when everything around you seems to be crumbling. This world is full of so much negativity these days it can be challenging to be positive. We have to learn how to choose happiness rather than falling into the trap of negativity which then causes us to become depressed, isolated and can only get worse from there if we remain in that state.


This site is here with the intention of helping people feel better about themselves inside and out. I have suffered from low self esteem for most of my life so I do realize that we need to do things on purpose for our mental health.

Lets Choose Happiness

At times the ones we surround ourselves by are the ones that may cause us to feel the way we do about ourselves but, the thing is we have to learn that nobody deserves that much power over us. We have to do things that are positive for our souls when we reach such a level of low self esteem.

Never believe that you are alone when you are feeling down on yourself, although you will most likely feel alone. Something that can cause people to have low self esteem is when they are comparing themselves to others, comparing others’ successes to what they lack in, this never turns out good when doing so. 


How a person feels about themselves is a result of their experiences and how they deal with situations. The most common causes of low self-esteem  are:

  • unsupportive caregivers in the past or present
  • friends who are bad influences
  • stressful life events such as divorce or moving houses
  • trauma or abuse
  • mood disorders such as depression
  • anxiety
  • bullying or loneliness
  • ongoing medical issues

lets choose happiness


Some Signs of Low Self Esteem

When we suffer from low self esteem we tend to have negative self thoughts about our worth and value as a person and below are more signs:

  • avoiding new things and not taking up opportunities
  • feeling unloved and unwanted
  • blaming others for their own mistakes
  • not being able to deal with normal levels of frustration
  • negative self-talk and comparisons to others
  • fear of failure or embarrassment
  • difficulty making friends
  • low levels of motivation and interest
  • can’t take compliments and shows mixed feelings of anxiety or stress.

I have had all of these and at times some do come back but the important thing now is I become aware when it happens and I do something about it. We have to learn to do things that help us feel better, keep ourselves busy rather than sitting in our minds when we get to this negative place.

7 thoughts on “Lets Choose Happiness

  1. Digging deeper into what causes low self-esteem I think that some of the many causes may include:

    1. Unhappy childhood with parents (or other significant people such as teachers) being extremely critical.

    2. Poor academic performance in school resulting and this geerating a lack of confidence.

    3. Ongoing stressful life events such as relationship breakdown in the family or financial troubles.

    1. Hi Abel

      I completely agree with what you are adding and I think I will include a post dedicated just to low self esteem. Thanks for your input. 🙂

  2. We do have choices in life and we can choose to be happy, or unhappy. People want to be surrounded by positivity and happy, smiling people and it will always make one feel better if you are laughing. Unfortunately there are times and events that can lead to low self esteem, such as being criticized or told what you are doing is not good enough. It is best to surround yourself with positive people that make you feel good about yourself.   

    1. Oh my goodness, I agree with you! If we hang out with negative people or just people that bring us down it is going to affect our self esteem. We have to surround ourselves in a positive environment and around positive people.

  3. Great words here and truly felt! Its only when one suffers low feelings and goes through hardships that they can come out of it stronger and then appreciate all that they have … and choose happiness! There are many reasons for feeling low self esteem and it can sometimes be a rough phase that can be a difficult time, thanks for the solutions provided and picking yourself again is your victory! 

  4. Great article with a big message!!!

    It is hard to live a life full of happiness, where you have to taste divorces, children being abandoned, hunger, illness and other stuff.

    Tragic in families also bring a huge depression within the family members.

    let’s mention too about covid19 which it brought so many losses, people who got recovered but developed other health conditions caused by covid19. I want to mention too that the lock down got us in our own cubicles without socializing, our kids at home doing zoom class.

    So there are so many things we have to fix in our humanity.

    Thanks again for sharing this great article!

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