About Me

About Me- Miss N. Kersey

I am an independent growing artist in many aspects that has always had the desire to help people whenever there is a way I can. I have created this blog/website with the intention of reaching out to as many people as I possibly can. I know many people with mental health issues, I myself have also suffered from some mental illness. Many people ignore mental illness and have the mindset that “it will go away on it’s own” and that is not the truth at all. Some people even make fun of it as well, it isn’t a joke.


On this site I will be sharing things I am learning in my journey and things that are working for myself. I am in no way capable of giving any type of medical advice as my disclaimer shows on each page. This blog/site will be for informational purposes only. I am an empath, Christian, mother of 2 kids plus 2 cats. I love people and the outdoors. I look forward to growing more spiritually, emotionally in blogging almost daily.

I hope to meet many great people through my site and welcome questions and comments at any time. Here is my personal email below:



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