How Foods Help Our Well Being

It is much more convenient at times to hit the drive thru or order take out after a long days work.  This is okay once in awhile but really it is not good for our

It is much more convenient at times to hit the drive thru or order take out after a long days work.  This is okay once in awhile but really it is not good for our health. This article will talk about How Foods Help Our Well Being. Research shows there are a number of foods that support the health of the brain in a variety of areas. Interesting huh? There are foods that address mood specific issues such as depression, anxiety, and also foods that help with sleep and focus.

Foods That Help With Focus

  • lentils
  • lamb
  • chicken 
  • turkey
  • beef
  • sesame seeds
  • eggs
  • spinach
  • broccoli

Anti-Anxiety Foods

  • broccoli
  • lentils
  • brown rice 
  • beef liver
  • halibut
  • oranges
  • spinach
  • almonds
  • walnuts

How foods Help Our well Being

Spices That Support Mental Health

  • turmeric curcumin
  • cinnamon ( for focus and helps with irritability)
  • peppermint ( for focus)
  • saffron

Serotonin-rich foods are the foods that help with mood, pain, sleep and craving control. The foods listed above to help with focus are serotonin-rich foods. Dopamine-rich foods are foods that help with focus and motivation. Research states eating fruits up to 8 times a day helps with mood. Prebiotic foods are an essential food source for probiotics. Prebiotics and probiotics are proven to be beneficial in improving mental health. The benefits of their effects in depression, anxiety, Alzheimer and autism spectrum diseases have also been supported in clinical studies. 

What you eat has a great effect on your mental health. Eating the right foods can have a positive effect on your mental and your physical health. I know there are more foods that are also good for you to eat, the lists I provided are just a brief summary of some of the common foods that are good for your mental health. 

Foods To Cut Down On

  • fried foods
  • sugar
  • fast food
  • white flour
  • caffeine
  • dairy
  • meat

Have you ever noticed how cranky people can get when they don’t have their coffee? They rely on their coffee every day and they need it to stabilize their mood. Caffeine can become addictive. It is possible to quit drinking coffee it would just take time for most people. it would be best to cut down slowly before quitting abruptly and may make it easier to give up as well. The drinks people tend to drink that are full of sugar only cause a “sugar high” then after awhile that is gone and the person feels sluggish. 

How Foods Help Our Well Being


Not only does what you eat matter for your mental and physical health but it’s also important to consider if you aren’t watching what you are consuming you are risk for diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and weight gain. 

Healthier eating and getting some exercise can help your mental health when you are feeling down. Whole foods, fruits, and vegetables will give you the fuel to get through the day, and at the same time they help with your mental health. Do your best to choose the proper snacks and meals to help you feel better. You will notice a difference in doing so.


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