What Its Like Being Anxious

What Its Like Being Anxious

Are you curious to know more about anxiety and would like to know what its like being anxious? To be anxious once in awhile is normal and a part of life. A person that has an anxiety disorder will have frequent worrying and fear at an intense level in every day situations that some people would view as simple tasks. At times anxiety can involve feelings of intense panic and fear, during this time it is possible to have a panic attack. Many times a person with anxiety may have trouble functioning in their daily activities and may feel anxious for an extended period of time.

As a person that experiences anxiety I can tell you how it is for me. I get in a place where I am more comfortable away from people. I start thinking about many different scenarios “what if this happens, I hope I didn’t say this wrong, is this person mad at me, what if everyone is looking at me, etc” I start to imagine and worry about so much and it starts to make me feel physically sick to my stomach where I either can’t eat or sometimes it may go the other way and I will overeat until I feel comfortable.

When I feel anxious I tend to get headaches from the stress of being anxious and most of the time I will also get depressed as well. I have a therapist that I speak with to help me and also have learned some tools along the way to help myself when I am anxious but, at times it is hard to work at feeling better. It depends how bad the anxiety is for me at the time or on the circumstances that may be causing me to become anxious. If you battle anxiety I’m sure you can relate to some of what I am mentioning here. It surely isn’t easy!

Depression sometimes comes along with my anxiety which then makes most basic activities a bit more challenging for me. Examples of some things that I may ignore when I am feeling anxious and depressed would be housework, eating a healthy meal ( I may eat a bunch of junk food instead), doing my hair, going outside, and other daily activities such as this.

what its like being anxious


Anxiety Symptoms

Everybody is different of course so there’s a possibility they may experience these or and other symptoms. There are physical and mental/emotional symptoms that may come.

Here are some of the physical symptoms one may experience:

  • rapid heart rate
  • headache
  • muscle aches
  • stomach issues such as a nervous feeling that may cause you to run to washroom multiple times
  • lack of sleep
  • feeling restless, shaky
  • lack of concentration
  • fatigue

As I said above this area these are just some of the symptoms a person with anxiety may experience.


Here are some Emotional and Mental Symptoms of Anxiety:

  • overwhelming feeling of fearing something awful is about to happen
  • intrusive thoughts
  • obsessing over doing something harmful to self
  • catastrophic thinking

If you or somebody you know is feeling so anxious that it is interfering with your daily life it is very important that you seek professional help as hard as it may feel to do that, please know that you are worth it! If you are on this site reading this information that is a great sign that you do want help for your anxiety. Call your local mental health center or hospital to ask for guidance. Here is an option for counseling online Betterhelp


We all have to intentionally take care of ourselves also know as self care. What is good to fit into your self care routine are things that make you feel good. Also try to look at situations in a different light such as this for example. Instead of looking at mistakes as failures, look at them as a lesson and think about what you learned from that lesson. When you experience any type of rejection try looking at it as a redirection. When you are experiencing any type of discomfort look at it as growth instead.