What Does Mental Health Mean To You?

Many people do not want to discuss the challenges of having mental health issues or even simply talk about having mental health issues. People with mental health issues can be  ashamed, embarrassed or perhaps they don’t know how to discuss mental health. What does mental health mean to you? Do you have mental health issues and aren’t sure how to function day to day? If so you are not alone at all. On this page I will provide insight on ways to reach out to someone when you are feeling down, ways to boost your mood and I will answer the question, what does mental health include?


Some people may have people in their lives with mental health issues tend to minimize their loved ones mental health issues. They believe or say, “oh you will be fine, it’s just a phase, it will go away, get over it”. The fact is it’s easier said than done. Mental health is extremely important and go hand in hand with physical health. An example of this would be that having depression can increase the risk of physical health problems particularly long lasting conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke. 

what does mental health mean to youWhat Does Mental Health Include?

Mental health is a combination of emotional, psychological, and social well being. It tends to have an affect on cognition, perception and behavior. It may also determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make healthy choices. Mental health is important for everybody at every age. A person’s mental health can change over time and can depend on many factors. If a person becomes extremely stressed or feels very overwhelmed their coping abilities may deteriorate and their mental health can be impacted.


Having poor mental health and having mental illness are two different things. It is possible a person can experience poor mental health and not be diagnosed with a mental illness. A person diagnosed with mental illness can experience periods of social well-being, physical and mental. 


Common Signs of Mental Crisis Can Include But Not Limited To

  • talking about dying or death
  • losing touch with reality
  • delusions, being paranoid, hallucinations
  • huge energy change (could be super boost of energy or lack of energy)
  • irritability
  • rapid mood swings
  • change in appetite (overeating or undereating)
  • irrational thoughts
  • aggression
  • verbally or writing to someone or nobody that you want to hurt yourself
  • isolating from daily activities and maybe people you normally socialize with
  • confusion

Like I mentioned these are just some of the common signs of a mental crisis. There can be more as everybody is different. If you or you know somebody feeling any of these symptoms or others please reach out to a professional, now is the best time. Waiting can make you or the person experiencing these feel even worse. I know how hard it can be to reach out to someone because we tend to get used to doing things our own way but in times like this it is important to take care of ourselves and get help. No need to fear or be embarrassed. In Canada you may call 1 866 797-0000.  In United States of America call or text 988 , and it is free. If you are unsure of which number to call in your area call your local hospital and ask for the crisis line. There are also online therapists available for different rates around the world. Here is a site that can help you find a therapist Best Online Therapy Services  .


There are many ways to work on your mental health, here is a brief post I created 10 Ways To Nourish Your Mental Health. 

Always know that no matter what anybody may say to you or how they may make you feel that you are important and each one of us are created differently because that is what makes each person so unique and beautiful. If someone you are around constantly is making you feel worthless and worse and you are capable of leaving the toxicity you should consider it if it is safe to do so. Please seek professional help in the process of this. 


Mental Health Checklist When Feeling “Stuck In A Funk”

  • I was able to get out of my bed
  • I was able to get grounded and take deep breaths
  • I reached out to someone
  • I was able to do something I enjoyed today
  • I asked for help when I needed it
  • I am taking things one day at a time
  • I was able to get some fresh air for at least a few minutes
  • I was able to focus more on what I can control rather than what I can not

Above are some good pointers to help you work on your self care when you do feel like you are stuck or maybe you are feeling sad, irritable or anxious and not sure why. I want to talk about getting grounded in case you aren’t sure what I meant when saying this. I learned it’s good to get “grounded” when everything around you may feel overwhelming to you and you feel you can’t even breathe. A good way to get grounded is to sit down and close your eyes for about a minute, think about a happy place or a time that you were so happy and not worrying (Some may call this disassociating or maybe meditating). Take deep breaths in and out while doing this. Once you can do this try focusing on something in the room you are in or outside where ever you are and look at all the details of that item, the color, the texture, does it have a smell? Doing all of this takes you from what was making you feel so anxious in the moments before. You may have to try this a few times to become calm enough or it may work right away for you. The deep breaths in and out are important too so please practice that.

what does mental health mean to you?